Cake Decorating Supplies for Beginners

Cake Decorating Supplies for Beginners

When first starting out with the cake decorating and baking, there are quite a large amount of cake decorating supplies you might want to buy straight away.

Can’t bake a cake without a cake tin. There are dozens of shapes and sizes that you can buy.Traditional shapes are round and square.Non-traditional cake pans pretty much all the other cake tins.

Cake scrapers and spatulas are a must tools for any cake decorator. Whether you decorate with buttercream or fondant you can’t do it, without a good set of scrapers and spatulas.

Food colours make a cake stand out and pop. Now days the variety of food colours is huge and options are pretty much endless. There are natural food colours, as well as vegan friendly and alcohol free ones available.

Under same category you have also edible sprinkles. For the beginner decorators, edible sprinkles are the easiest way to decorate the cake, as they are easy to use and make all your creations look extra special.

In order to use your edible food colours it’s good to have variety of widths and styles of brushes on hand. Brushes can be used to paint your cakes as well as clean excess cornstarch or powdered sugar from your projects.

Silicone moulds are easy and fast way to decorate cakes and cupcakes and even the beginners can create professional looking cakes. Silicone moulds are great to use with fondant or gumpaste to make some edible decorations. There is huge variety of moulds out there, something for every style of cake and cupcakes you’re making.

There are many more cake decorating supplies out there and the more experienced you get the more you want to buy, to explore new techniques and styles of decorating.