Choosing Change Table and Changing Mats

Choosing Change Table and Changing Mats

There are plenty of different change tables and changing mats on the market these days. There are ones that have proper drawers underneath them for storing all your nappies, wipes and other bits in. There are ones that are more like a cart with an open bottom with one or two shelves to place things on and there are ones that convert into the baby bath as well to make bath time easier.

The first step is to choose the style that you want for the room. Look at the rest of the furniture that you have purchased and find a change table and changing mat that fit in with the rest of it.

Keeping the furniture in the room all the same color or similar colors will make the room look a lot more together and unified. It gives a sense of comfort and security to the room – on top of it looking amazing.

Choose the color of your changing mat that will match in with the color of the other furniture within your nursery. If you are going for light colors it will help make the room look bigger and more open. Darker colors work well in a room that is larger because they do give off a feeling of it being smaller so you don’t want it to look or feel cramped if it is already a small room.

Changing mats are not only useful on top of your change table to help make bub more comfy, they are also a great way to add a bit of extra color to the room. Having more than one changing mat is always a good idea as well – you know what babies are like! Choose a few that tie in with the theme of the room and give an extra pop to the change table.

Once you have chosen the change table and changing mat that you want the last thing to work out is where to put them. Setting up the room so that you have walking space, sitting space and so that it does not look to cramped or crowded is important. Even try setting a floor plan before putting all the items in, to give you a feel of how it will look once it is all in there.