Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane – What are they?

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are synthetic fibers that are made into the shape of an eyelash. They are attached to the natural lashes using medical grade adhesive.

Lash Extensions can vary in length, thickness, curve and more – they usuall range from 6mm-18mm. Eyelash extensions can make the eyes look wider, more lifted and give you a healthy lash line look without having to worry about applying mascara on a daily basis.

Where can I get my Lashes done in Brisbane?

There are many Eyelash Extension Salons in Brisbane. There are big salons in the city as well as smaller ones in the suburbs. Teh quality in all of them varies a lot, btu as long as the your stylist is qualified, they should all be okay. Our personal favourite for Eyelash Extensions Brisbane is Lashes AU in Albany Creek.

How often do you need to get lash extensions redone?

Ad your natural lashes grow and fall out according to your natural hair cycle, you will need to fill the gaps every so often to avoid your lash line looking scarce. So this means that every few weeks, you should go in for an infill. Your lash stylist will remove the outgrown lashes and apply new lashes to any gaps or new lashes that have recently grown.

To have your lash line looking healthy & your lashes lush and full you should avoid leaving too long periods between the infills – 2-3 weeks would be the ideal time frame. If you leave longer gaps between the appointment, you will lose more lash extensions and your lash stylist might have to apply a whole new full set and charge you accordingly.

Whatever your style, there is a fit for everyone – Classic lashes if you are after a more subtle look and Russian Volumes for a more glamorous one. Can’t choose between the two? Go Hybrid instead – this is a combo of the two main styles and will give you a style  that is somewhere between subtle and dramatic.