How to Prepare Cake Tins for Baking

How to Prepare Cake Tins for Baking

There is nothing worse, than baking a cake the whole day, and then once it’s time to flip it out from the cake tin, it’s stuck and won’t come out, ruining your cake completely.

So it is very important to know how, to prep your cake tin to avoid the disaster.

Round and Square Cake Tins

Round and square cake tins are the most common ones out there, and perhaps the easiest to prepare for the baking. You need to grease the cake pan first and then take some baking paper. Cut out the shape and size that is matching your cake tin and line the base of your cake pan. Then cut some strips of baking paper that you’re going to use to line the sides of the cake tin. Depending on, how much cake batter you have, you might want to cut them littlebit longer, so they are overlapping the cake tin. This is a precaution. If your cake rises higher than the cake tin is, you will have cake batter all over you oven.

Non Traditional Cake Tins

It is very important to prepare novelty cake tins properly, in order to avoid the cake sticking to it. The reason is. Novelty cake tins have so many more corners, edges and nooks, where your baked cake can get stuck, and even smallest area that is sticking to the cake pan can completely ruin your cake. It is impossible to use baking paper on these cake tins. So here’s what you need to do.

Make sure to thoroughly grease every corner, edge and nook of these novelty cake tins. And then dust it with some flour, again making sure every part of the cake tin is covered with the flour. If you’re baking a chocolate cake, you can use cacao powder instead of the flour. It just adds that extra layer between the cake and the cake pan and makes it easier to remove from the cake from the tin once it’s cooked.