What Cake Decorating Supplies Do I Need for Fondant Covered Cookies?

Fondant covered cookies, are the super popular at the moment. They are also fairly easy and relatively inexpensive to make yourself. To make your baking easier there are few cake decorating supplies you might want to buy, before you start your cookie journey.

Cookie Sheets and Silicone Baking Mats

If you’re planning to bake a large number of cookies, it’s a good idea to buy couple of cookie sheets and some silicone baking mats. You can obviously use regular baking paper, but it can become rather expansive if you’re baking a lot.

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are probably the most obvious cake decorating supplies you might want to invest in. You can also use different kind of household items, to cut out your cookies, but having couple sets of good quality cookie cutters, will definitely make your life easier. Standard round and square cutters are the ones, that you would use most, so start with buying them first.

Rolling Pin

Rolling pins come in all different sizes, and qualities. If possible, try to find a rolling pin that has guides on each side. They will come very handy when rolling out the cookie dough, as they will help you to have it nice and evenly rolled out.


Just as important as the previous cake decorating supplies, is also fondant. You want to make sure you have good quality fondant that is easy to work with, and won’t stick to your fingers, table or tools you’re using. Buy couple of different colours of fondant, as well as plain white. By mixing the colours with white, you can customise your colour range, without having to buy huge amount of different food colours.

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Fondant Cookie Embossers

Fondant cookie embossers are the most popular cake decorating supplies at the moment. So if you want to offer nice wide range of cookies, it’s a good idea to buy some letter embossers, as well as some more popular holiday themed ones.


Nice range of brushes are pretty much a must in any cake decorator’s kitchen. They can be used for wide range of different jobs – brushing the cornflour off, painting the fondant, or simply attaching some gold leaf to your cookies. It’s a good idea, to get couple different sizes and shapes of brushes, so you would have always them available, whatever the job is.

There are huge range of other cake decorating supplies, you might want to purchase, but to start with these basic decorating supplies, and you should be pretty much covered to start up with your cookie business.

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