Modern organizations use a range of digital media, such as videos, audio, images presentations and other digital documents.This rise in the use of digital media assets for organization use cases has raised the challenge of effectively managing and utilizing them. In response to this challenge, contemporary organizations use enterprise content management solutions that help add value to their media assets and allows them to succeed in generating the greatest amountof ROI for their business.

Enterprises need specialized, but cost-effective solutions for streaming, searching, organizing and sharing their digital assets with large and scalable storagein order to successfully leverage the full potential of their digital media. With enterprise video content management solutions, organizations can use their digitalmedia assets for a variety of use cases, such as CEO webcasts, town hall meetings, training & learning, live events and more.

AConsolidated Enterprise Video Content Management Solution for Managing All Media

Enterprise video content management solutions (like VIDIZMO) offer a centralized platform with a number of features and functionalities for managing all digital media. This includes video & audio streaming,processing (e.g., transcoding, transcribing, etc.,) large and scalable storage space, abilityto easily find any media and securely share the content with the relevant people. These include:

  • Support for All Media, Devices and Browsers: In addition to videos, a good and consolidated enterprisevideo content management solution supports all different kinds of media including videos, audio, graphics, presentations,documents and other media in all formats. For example, VIDIZMO supports 255+ file formats for every kind of digital media.
  • Bulk Uploading& Processing for Videos and OtherMedia:The ability to bulk upload is a seemingly simple, yet highly demanded function that helps improve productivity by saving time and reducing tedious tasks. Moreover, these platforms are designed to automatically transcode each media into multiple renditions to enable playback from any device and browser.
  • Media Publishing Policies:This entails the ability to enable or disable options for sharing or publishing content, like internal and external sharing or embedding,moderating comments,controlling availability for media, social media sharing, etc.
  • Control Over Access &Permissions:Control what each individual or groups can do on the platform, including enter the platform or a specific portal, playback and share content, manage settings, edit content, view media analytics and audit trails, etc.
  • Organization for Content:Compile playlists and collections for structured or unstructured media viewing experience, create tags and custom attributes for categorizing media, and segregate and group related content into categories.
  • User-Level Management: The ability for each user to individually manage media favorited, shared or assigned to them for viewing.


Enhanced Search & Discovery

VIDIZMO provides a powerfulsearch and that enable users to easily find and extract information from content, as well as make it more accessible. VIDIZMO’s enterprise video content management solutionincludes:

  • Keyword Search:The platform extracts all metadata, allowing users to quickly find therelevant content. Moreover, users have the ability to assign custom attributes to increase the range of keywords through custom keywords.
  • Automatic & Custom Tags:Manually assign or automatically generate searchable & navigable tags for related media or media with similar content. In VIDIZMO, users can easily find content assigned another a specific tag or tags using the tag cloud on the homepage.
  • Faceted&Multilingual Search:VIDIZMO’s Amazon-like filters for search allows users to easily narrow down the search to the most relevant content, providing the most accurate results through filters for metadata and categories. Users can also search for any media in their language of choice; all media can be indexed and translated.
  • Search Inside a Video & Generate Insights With AI:Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for search for content using indexed keywords generated through automatic transcription and closed captions. You can search in a transcript as well to spokenwords and fast forward to the point where it occurs in the video with a single click.Additionally, VIDIZMO’s enterprise video content management solution provides a range of cognitive services for facial and object identification, OCR, topic inference speech detection topic inference and more; you can similarly click on these insights to automatically fast forward to where they occur in the video.
  • Related Content:VIDIZMO uses information for past user engagement such as search and viewing history to recommend related media.
  • Thumbnails:View thumbnails for a video as preview and hover across the video’s timeline to see previews for each moment on the video.
  • Timestampsin Comments:Enable users to click on the timestamp in comments in order to quickly navigate to the point in a video.


Interactivity & Playback

In order to deliver an engaging experience to viewers, VIDIZMO’s enterprise video content management solutions provide a number of features for streaming high-quality live and on-demand to large audiences:


For On-Demand Video (VoD) Playback

VIDIZMO’s enterprise video content management solutions provides an easy-to-use YouTube-like interface for seamless on-demand video streaming, with features such as:

  • User Feedback: Users can like or dislike media, favorite them to bookmark them on their ‘My Media’ page, or report the media for inappropriatecontent.
  • Interactive Comments: Enable users to comment on videos, moderate comments before either publishing or rejecting them, and enable viewers to create clickable timestamps for fast forwarding in a video.
  • Add Interactivity in Videos: Create and insert quizzes, polls or surveys in a video, as well as insert other related mediain a video for sharing with the viewers.
  • Social Media Sharing: Share content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer etc.,
  • Sharing & Embedding: Enable viewers to share and download a media, or embed content to external platforms such as web pages or other business applications with single sign-on integration for controlling who can view your media.
  • Content Accessibility: Automatically transcribe & translate video transcriptions, and generate closed captions, or manually upload your own transcripts and close captions in different languages to enable great content accessibility.
  • Media Analytics: Enable users to view user engagement statistics such as views, impressions, number of times a video was completely viewed and location of viewers.
  • Advanced Playback Experience:Control the speed and quality for video playback, enable resumed playback from where a video was lastviewed, analyze video frame-by-frame, and more.

For Live Video Streaming

For live videos, VIDIZMO enables users to:

  • Add Interactivity in Live Webcasts: Like on-demand videos, VIDIZMO enterprise video content management solutionsallow you to insert quizzes, polls, surveys and related media inside a live stream. Additionally, viewers can use live chat to send messages and communicate in the stream, Q&A for viewers to submit questionsfor the presenter to answer,share their social media feeds, provide FAQs and archive the chat.
  • Secure Sharing: Share content on social media platforms, or via links and emails.
  • Playback from Anywhere: Stream live video across all devices, browsers and locations, and under all network conditions.
  • Schedule& Record the Stream: Initiate a live stream impromptu or schedule the stream for a specific time & date, and share the link with viewers so they can add the event on their calendar. You can record the session and automatically publish the stream as an on-demand video.
  • Live Analytics: View live viewer engagement and stream performance through live video analytics;
  • Controlled Access:Allow both internal and external viewers to access a live stream. You can also enable anonymous access for external viewers.

For modern organizations, the rising use of video and other digital media content means they need a reliable solution for dealing with media management challenges. Complete enterprise content management solutions like VIDIZMO provide a reliable way to effectively stream video & manage digital content for a multitude of use cases, such as corporate communications, training & learning, virtual events and much more.