There are two sorts of cake decorators out there. Those that use buttercream for cake decorating and those who are using mainly fondant for the same purpose. If you’re just starting to explore the fondant cake decorating world, here are some of the cake supplies you might want to consider buying.

Rolling Pin

Rolling pin is probably the most important cake tool you can own, when decorating with fondant. Why? Well there are rolling pins and then there are rolling pins. Since fondant can be fairly hard thing to roll out, you do want to make sure that you will invest in a good heavy rolling pin, that will make your life so much easier. The preferred rolling pins fondant decorators usually have, are the super heavy acrylic ones. They usually come in a shape of just one long log, with no lines on either side, nor the extra handles. Due to their size, weight and shape, they are absolutely perfect, when it comes to rolling out the fondant.

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Pins and Needles

This could be a bit funny choice of cake supplies to start with, but there’s a really good reason why pins and needles are your best friends when it comes to fondant. If you’ve ever rolled out a fondant to cover a whole cake with it, you’ve probably seen this little air pockets that pop up here and there. There is pretty much nothing you can do, to stop them appearing, but there is a way to get rid of them, and that’s where your grannies’ needles will come handy. Well not really but kind of. Whenever you are popping the little stubborn air pockets, you do want to make sure that the needles you are using are as thin as possible, so the hole that you will make, to release the air, is as small as possible. The perfect needles for this job, are actually acupuncture needles. They are super thin, and the hole will be barely noticeable, and it’s super easy to completely smooth it out afterwards.

Fondant Smoothers

This will bring us to our next item in our cake supplies countdown. Fondant smoothers, come in so many different shapes, sizes and materials. Our current favourites are the thin flexible cake sharpies. You can fold and bend them according to your palms and cake shape. They are usually also made out of clear plastic, so you can actually see the fondant changing and smoothing under the sharpies.

Scalpel knife

To cut off excess fondant you want to make sure you have nice sharp knife in hand. We’ve found that scalpel knives are perfect for this job. They are nice and small and have super sharp blade, which make the handling and cutting so much easier.


Brushes are really important cake supplies for any kind of decorators really. Brushes can be used for anything from dusting off the excess cornflour/icing sugar, to painting amazing images on your blank edible canvases.

This cake supplies list would be very different, if you were a cake decorator who is mainly using buttercream when decorating cakes. The tools that buttercreamers are using are somewhat different, though quite a few of them, from this cake supplies list would still be useful for them as well.